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I work as a multidisciplinary artist, primarily using photography, creative writing, video, performance and digital designing, to create a space for diverse identities to become represented. This process is inspired by my interest in the art movement Afrofuturism, which seeks to liberate the social experience of black people by creating a positive future that is subversive to hegemonic stereotypes in society. Inspired by this philosophy, in my recent dissertation I proposed the first mixed race perspective of Afrofuturism. As I am a mixed race woman, who experiences the social complexities of both whiteness and blackness, it is important for me to explore the relationship between the two binary oppositions. The theme of twoness is subsequently reoccurring through the way that I capture my subject matter and this is shown through my serious, yet playful gestures.

As part of my current project, I am creating a self-portrait book to represent the various ways in which I have recorded elements of my ‘self’ and identity over the past three years. In the age of the selfie, I have a passion for exploring the idea of exposing one’s ‘self’ to the camera and how this can serve as a document of both truth and fiction. This involves me using performance in my daily life to create the narratives behind work, such as my projects ‘She Doesn’t Know, Do you?’, and ‘Lemonade’.  This is often realised through my writing which can be previewed on my site.

In addition to my personal practice, I write for No Basic Girls Allowed Magazine, launched by Sarah Feingold, which is an online publication dedicated to representing fresh, up and coming content in fashion, art and culture for female audiences. My ongoing projects Fashion Allegory and RainBo Magazine explore my fascination with fashion as an aesthetic to represent my interest in diversity and sustainability. This has involved me adopting a cross-disciplinary practice to fuse fashion communications with fine art. Through this process, I hope to open up future collaboration opportunities with fashion models, designers, brands and photographers, to shape new aesthetics in contemporary image culture both digitally and in print. 

Artist CV & Skills


BA Fine Art Photography at Camberwell College of Arts (2017-2020)

Fine Art, Photography, and Media at Greenford High School & Sixth Form (2009-2016)



What does photography have in common with a fork?, APT Gallery in Deptford, London. (2020)

Leave Only Traces, Copeland Gallery in Peckham, London. (2020)

Camberwell New Art, Camberwell Student Gallery, London. (2019)

Shelf Collective x Tate Exchange, London. (2019)

Shelf Collective x Feminist Library, Camberwell College of Arts, London. (2019)

Shelf Collective x Deptford Cinema, Film Screening Event, London. (2019)

Merge, CGP Gallery, Southwark Park, London. (2019)

Tongue Collective, The Flying Dutchman, Camberwell, London. (2018)

Camberwell Student Film Screening, Camberwell College of Arts, London. (2018)

BA Fine Art Photography Year 1 Summer Show, Camberwell College of Arts, London. (2018)

Painting Exhibition, Greenford High School, Middlesex. (2016)


Fine Art meets Afrofuturism - The Fashion Allegory by Indera Studio, Colèchi (2020) 

BA Camberwell Stories: Indera exhibits everyday objects to challenge preconceptions (2019) 


Shelf Collective: Sustainable craft workshop at Ravenor Primary School, Middlesex. (2019)

Piss n’ Play, bodily fluid drawing workshop at Camberwell College of Arts, London. (2017)

Automatism workshops at Ravenor Primary School, Middlesex. (2014-2016)



Photography for Google My Business in Elephant & Castle for Tupi London, Diogenes the Dog, Hej Coffee, Theo's Pizzeria. (2019)

Talent Works Internship, London. (2018)

Videography for Southwark Pensioners, London. (2018)

Video and poster for National Autistic Society. (2018) 

Videography and Photography for Theatre Deli, London. (2018)

Print design for Draper Together, London. (2018)

Painting for Abstrkt hair studio, London. (2017) ​


SE5 Magazine, Camberwell College of Arts, London. (2018) 

Mattress, exhibited at The Flying Dutchman, in collaboration with Southwark Council. (2018)

Slowness (shadow diaries), exhibited at Camberwell College of Arts. (2018)



Lemonade, available on YouTube (2020)

Hair Intervention, CGP Gallery, Southwark, London. (2019)

Dancing Outside of Camberwell College of Arts, Camberwell, (2018)

Breakfast for You, Camberwell College of Arts, (2017)

Indigo Rose, Greenford Sixth Form Media Awards, (2016)

Trace, Greenford Sixth Form Media Awards, (2015)

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