• Indera Tamara

The Benefits of Experiencing Trauma

I felt called to create this post because collectively most of us today are experiencing a form of trauma caused by the global disruption of COVID-19 . Our experiences will vary of course depending on our individual life circumstances, however we are all one race and therefore infinitely connected and can therefore learn through this experience together.

When someone encounters trauma their brain goes into a flight or fight response. This leads to a reflective moment which is not just a moment - it is an elongated, ongoing experience which requires constant healing and personal reflection. It specifically requires love energy to repair the trauma into a calm and steady state of being - free from the weight of the original trauma induced emotions, and instead into a more tranquil state of acceptance.

In this new state of acceptance one's powers begin to arise - being aware, being empathic and being able to see beyond linear structures. This feeling is like experiencing a new dimension of reality - an evolving energy vibration. One could argue that the theme of "feeling energies" is insane, crazy or out of reach, but I would say that to be able to feel into these realms of consciousness is to enter the engine and vehicle of life: experiencing it in a new state of control.

How often do you feel excited about living and being present in the flesh of a new day?...

The reality around us is all that we have in this present moment.

To dream outside of it, is a sad story and releases an energy vibration of lack which defers future light energy from entering your space. To fully accept your current situation for what it is, is the most powerful tool that we can all harness.

Affirmation: The now is everything and I'm grateful for all of my experiences. I be, I see, I live, I feel, I hear, I be... thank you.


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