• Indera Tamara

Decoding Divine Feminine Energy

When considering the meaning of energy, in terms of physics, it is described as: the capacity of doing work and it exists through forms such as potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical or nuclear. But in the case of female energy, which is in an internal flow of life force energy, that inhabits each of our beings - this more of a philosophical way of seeing, energy, and is not often discussed within the laws of physics.

In the Taoist philosophy, Yin and Yang, the notion of masculine and feminine energy is made evident through the idea that duality is a combination of both energy forces inhabiting one sense of being, and resulting in a harmonious state.

Female energy is the flow of feminine energy that surrounds one's being and aura.

But how can this be activated beyond the idea of the feminine as a beautiful, delicate and external flower?

Ultimately, femininity has a different meaning to each and every one of us. Some of us may see femininity as an aesthetic and expectation surrounding a woman's visual appearance. Whereas, another might see femininity as a feeling and a sense of touch that comes from a deep inner wisdom.

Through my research, I have began to decode a notion and way of seeing female energy as a lifestyle which enables empowerment amongst those who feel connected to the divine feminine life force energy.

To understand the meaning of divinity is to be aware of the theme of being wounded. When one is wounded, they enter a state of imbalance and this can lead to a manifestation of toxic lifestyle habits such as depression, anger, isolation, fear, co-dependency, a victim mentality, neediness, weakness, and addiction. These ways of being however, are temporary and can be healed through a conscious awareness to one's internal flow of life energy.

Therefore the theme of divinity, which holds the meaning of being delightful and godly, can be experienced within each of our beings as we grow closer to the foundations of feminine and masculine energy. Divine female energy can only exist with a balanced awareness to what the divine masculine energy serves as.

Divine masculine energy includes the following characteristics:

  1. A projective being who is able to interpret subconscious realities with clarity and love energy.

  2. An active being who engages in physical activity with a sense of readiness and confidence.

  3. A giving being who is providing of love, comfort and emotional support.

  4. An expansive being who is relaxed and genially frank, communicative and honest.

  5. An outward being who is concerned with the external space of existence to empower oneself and others.

With an awareness to the importance of masculine energy, a balanced, divine female can be manifested.

The divine female energy is comprised with the following characteristics:

  1. A receptive being who is open and willing to accept newness.

  2. A passive being who is accepting of action, without resistance.

  3. A contractive being who has the power to change in size.

  4. An intuitive being who follows their instincts, inner truth and knowing.

  5. An inward being who is contemplative and directed towards their internal flow of energy and emotions.

Through creating space to affirm and empower oneself through the knowledge of divine feminine and masculine ways of being, one enters an internal flow of balance, peace and harmony. This results in a greater sense of stability towards all areas of life. It's exceptionally important to realise that in life, we have the power to dictate our realities and experiences. Through this sense of belief and knowledge about internal energies, this is how we can start to activate our divine female energy.

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